Fred Becker

I made my first recordings using variously electric guitar, organ, found objects and tape methods. My early musical inspirations were mostly from pop, rock and progressive rock. A little later I discovered interesting new electronic music artists. I was also exploring classical music and classical electronic music and jazz.

During college my musical interests increased greatly and I began my first true creative explorations.  After studies or during summers I made numerous grand piano recordings as well as experiments with church organ and the "cosmic beam," a large beam of wood strung with piano wire.

As some of my favorite artists began to produce less music, my desire to make music grew until one day I realized it was an essential part of me. I had to make music. And so I began looking for gear, the first step. I first got a tiny Casio VL-Tone for initial fun experiments. Then finally a real synth came along, the Synergy, one of the first all-digital synthesizers. Soon after, I obtained digital recording means. So I've been recording digitally since its origins. With this gear, I began to finally create real electronic music.

After hundreds of compositions, my first CD "Inner, Stellar" was released to good success. It was later reissued on the Nashville Space For Music label. Soon I was signed to AD Music (UK) as part of the duo Enterphase and we released three albums, "Phase One," "Phase Two" and "Solar Promenades."

I have also worked with other artists as Ybor, Astra Lingua, Vector Unit, Luster and Conduits. Along the way, I've given seven concerts.  I'm now releasing albums on a regular basis and invite you to listen in.


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